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Older Caravans - Pre 2004
Imported / Converted Vans
500 Auto Changeover 30mbar

Gaslow 30mbar Caravan Regulator and 4 optional outlets

01-1682 8mm
01-1683 10mm W20 with test point


1/4” ISO228 left-hand screw fitting.


LP Hose Nozzle

Two sizes are available allowing you to take either 8mm or 10mm copper directly from the regulator into the van

Used by foreign manufacturers, in particular Germany, to connect the low pressure hose to the regulator.

This enables you to simply change a foreign regulator which does not fit all the UK cylinders to a Gaslow which does!

8mm low pressure nozzle - simply push your hose on to the nozzle and secure with a hose clip.

This caravan regulator is a superior two-stage regulator set at 30mbar which can work with both Butane and Propane gas. It has built-in over-pressure protection and switching between different gas cylinders is achieved simply by changing the high pressure hose or adding a Gaslow adapter.

It is manufactured to European Standard 12867 which is now required for Caravans and Motorhomes built to EN1949.


Designed to EN12864 for new caravans and motorhomes and for imported vans which need a 30mbar regulator. It is a complete system with 0.45 metre high pressure hoses with a range of 4 optional outlets which need to be specified

01-1680 Low Pressure nozzle
01-1681 1/4” Left hand German fitting
01-1682 8mm Compression fitting
01-1683 10mm Compression fitting

01-1700 Butane / Propane

01-1674 German to UK Propane Adaptor

Convert German cylinder connections to fit UK Propane cylinders

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