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Ever Run Out Of Gas – Yes!
Have you noticed it always seems to be at the worst time, its either raining, in the middle of the night – or BOTH.
Thought You Could Smell Gas – Yes!
A potentially dangerous situation
and you have no quick and reliable way of checking that everything is safe.
That’s Annoying !
That’s Worrying !
500 Adaptor Gauge


Designed to convert all existing Propane Gas systems, simply screw your regulator or hose into the back of the adaptor and tighten the two together using two spanners. You now have a low level indicator and leak detector with the added convenience of no longer needing a spanner when connecting to a cylinder.



500 Regulator Gauge


A single hose adapter with either a Butane or Propane Gaslow gauge fitted. This unit simply screws directly on to your 30m bar caravan regulator before your hose assembly.



?Regulator failure.....There’s no warning
and the effects are devastating...
300 spacer  
300 spacer Optional Adapters
  01-1671 Jumbo Adaptor for Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegain & Southern Irish cylinders 01-1665 Camping Gas Adaptor
300 spacer    
21mm Clip-On
for 15kg and 7Kg Butane. 01-1672 20mm Clip-On for 6kg French and FLOGAS
01-1673 27mm Clip-On Adaptor for Patio Gas and BP GasLite
  Prevention is better than cure!....
so don’t wait for the problem
to occur... and you can
keep your replaced regulator
in your locker... you could help someone else when they
have a problem!
300 spacer
  System comprises
a 30mbar regulator
with 750mm Stainless Steel Hose for Butane and also an 01-1674 adaptor for Propane.
300 spacer Upgrade this system to a twin propane manual changeover by fitting a 01-1630 and an extra Stainless steel hose 01-6050SS
as shown.
300 spacer  
  Upgrade this system to a twin propane automatic changeover by fitting a 01-1755 and an extra Stainless steel hose 01-6050SS
as shown.
  Advantages of Stainless Steel

• Built to EN10380
• Should be changed every 20 years
• Welded end fittings
• Zero permeation therefore NO smelly hoses
• Extractable materials 0%

Flexible Stainless Steel inner eliminates plasticiser extraction which is causing regulator failure.
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