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Why is it that your gas always seems to runout at the worst time? – it’s either in the middle of cooking or late at night…
Even worse, you think you can smell gas but have no quick and reliable way of making sure everything is safe …
Remove the uncertainty … fit a GASLOW!
Butane 500 Adaptor Gauge

01-1605 (Butane)

The Butane Adaptor gauge is designed to fit the 4.5kg cylinders and all other Gaslow Adaptors. To connect, simply screw your regulator or hose into the back of the adaptor and tighten with a spanner.

Propane 500 Adaptor Gauge

01-1610 (Propane)

Designed to convert all existing Propane Gas systems, simply screw your regulator or hose into the back of the adaptor and tighten the two together using two spanners. You now have a low level indicator and leak detector with the added convenience of no longer needing a spanner when connecting to a cylinder.

Butane Regulator

01-1710 (Butane)

01-1670 Clip-on Adapters 21mm - Used to connect the Butane hose to 7Kg and 15Kg Calor gas cylinders. Simply screw on to the standard Butane fitting.

01-1665 Camping Gas Adapter
This is always a useful adapter as Camping Gas is available throughout Europe and this will allow you to connect the Butane hose or 01-1710 regulator to any of the Camping Gas cylinders.

Gaslow built directly onto a Butane Regulator. Suitable for 4.5kg cylinders but with the Camping Gas Adaptor it will fit Camping Gas cylinders. With a 21mm adaptor it will fit 7Kg and 15kg Calor cylinders

Propane Regulator

01-1720 (Propane)

Gaslow built directly onto a Propane Regulator. Can be used on all sized Propane cylinders

Clip-On 21mm Regulator

01-1730 (Butane)

Gaslow built directly onto a 7kg Clip-On Regulator. N.B. Butane Reg is ONLY suitable for 7kg cylinders using a 21mm valve

Clip-On 27mm Regulator

Gaslow gauge built directly onto a propane 27mm regulator designed for Flo-Gas and BP Gaslite cylinders.

Not Suitable for Calor patio gas

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